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Terms of Service, Acknowledgment, and Release

I Am One With The Universe healing sessions are held between Denise M. Knutson and the participant. The participant agrees, understands, and acknowledges that Denise provides support for healing and does not claim to make any promises or guarantees regarding a cure for or improvement of my condition. Your energy healing session is not a substitute for any current licensed professional medical care that you are currently receiving. It is recommended that participants have a primary care physician to assist them with prescriptions, treatments, diagnosis, diseases, disorders, injuries, physical or mental concerns. The session is not intended to replace any current medical treatments that you are receiving or any treatments or care that is recommended by your licensed medical providers. Denise M. Knutson and I Am One With The Universe, LLC makes no claims to any medical, physiological, or psychological effect or outcome in connection to your participation. The participant is of his/her own mind and will and has disclosed to Denise M. Knutson and I Am One With The Universe, LLC that he/she does not have any mental, physical, or emotional conditions that would cause harm to either Denise or the participant or anyone else present during the session. The participant may withdraw from participation at any time by requesting to stop or by leaving the session. I Am One With The Universe, LLC retains the right to determine if the participant may or may not continue with the session or attend any future sessions. In permitting the participant to undertake a healing session with Denise M. Knutson, I Am One With The Universe, LLC, the participant agrees to release any liability from Denise M. Knutson of any and all claims or damages and the participant accepts all risks to his/her health and well being, including any risk of bodily injury or harm, associated with participation. The participant agrees to fully release Denise M. Knutson and I Am One With The Universe, LLC, from any and all actions, suits, liabilities, losses, damages, claims, or expenses whatsoever, in law or in equity, for negligence, battery, or any other claims of wrongful doing. The participant takes full responsibility of their time spent during their session. I understand that I Am One With The Universe asks me to not wear any perfumes and/or strong scents to my sessions. I understand that if at any time I am uncomfortable with my treatment/session, that I will inform Denise immediately.


All donations are sincerely appreciated. Donations are not tax-deductible and are not refundable. Donations are not payment for any services rendered.

Financial Policy:

I agree to pay I Am One With The Universe, LLC, for my healing session at the time of service, by cash or credit card. I understand that if I cancel more than 24 hours in advance, I will not be charged. I understand that if I cancel my session less than 24 hours in advance, I will pay a cancellation fee of $50. If I am unable to attend my healing session for any reason and need to cancel and/or reschedule an appointment then I agree to give Denise M. Knutson a 24 hour advance notice. The participant can call (480)326-6540. Note: Please leave a message with your name and number that you are wanting to cancel/reschedule your appointment if you don't reach anyone or you will be charged the cancellation fee. Thank you. 

Recording Devices:

The use of recording devices is strictly forbidden during healing sessions.

Credit Card Transactions:

Minors (Anyone under the age of 18) are not eligible to pay for I Am One With The Universe, LLC services and we ask that minors do not submit credit card information. Neither Denise M. Knutson or I Am One With The Universe, LLC are not responsible for a minor's use of their parents credit card. Any incorrect or fraudulent information given for a credit card transaction may be canceled by I Am One With The Universe, LLC, if it is reasonably determined that the information that is provided is incorrect or fraudulent or if it is believed that the credit card is being used by an unauthorized person.

Privacy Policy:

I Am One With The Universe, LLC would like to assure you of your absolute privacy. Any information submitted to this site is kept strictly confidential, and has not or will not be released to any third parties.

I Am One With The Universe, LLC reserves the right to change the Terms or Policies at any time and to notify you by posting an updated version of the Terms on the website. You also have the right at any time to request a copy of the latest Terms and Privacy Policies. The participant agrees that he/she has read the Terms of Service page fully and that he/she understands the Terms contained in it and that he/she is bound by it's Terms.

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