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Bill Foss

Denise is a very uniquely gifted healer. When I first met her, I realized there was something different about her abilities right away. As we started to work together, I watched Divine healing energy come through her on a profound level. Denise has a caring, compassionate, and inspiring approach to her healing processes that will make you feel comfortable, safe, and protected as she works to bring the lives  of those she touches back to the sacred circle of wellness.

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Sherry Reuss

Inspirational Readings with a Shamanic Touch, Cosmic Tarot, Animal Runes, and Energy Clearing.

Denise is an Extremely Talented Spiritual Healer. She did a excellent job of her hands on healing touch and helped me to heal my back and relieve the pain that I was in. Her work truly comes from Spirit and I would highly recommend her to everyone.

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