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Denise M Knutson

Energy Healer

Energy Healing

If you have ever wondered about Energy Healing, you have found the right place to start. Energy Healing starts with the understanding that we are all energy beings having a human experience. There is much more to us than the physical body. When your energy pathways are blocked, the flow of energy is prevented. This causes an imbalance to the energy system within us and will inevitably create a variety of illnesses.


Most of us have never learned that we all have the ability to heal ourselves and to heal others, but it is never to late to learn something new. Especially when it pertaines to our health and wellbeing. The ultimate goal of Energy Healing is to achieve better health and wellness.


Energy healing is a holistic practice that cultures have studied and used for thousands of years. Different cultures use different modalities to stimulate the natural ability we all have within us to heal. Energy Healing is the ability to direct awareness intelligently in such a way as to activate or awaken the healing potential within us.


It has become so popular that many hospitals are now offering energy healing as a holistic alternative way to treat the body, as many medical practitioners are now recognizing the benefits of energy healing. 


Everything on earth and throughout the universe has a vibrational frequency and all energy vibrates at a different frequency. In order to heal our bodies we must raise our vibrational frequencies and let go of any toxic energy that doesn't serve our highest good.


Your greatest healer is you. When you open up your energy channels, remove the blocks, balance your energy, and raise your vibrational frequency, the body's ability to heal itself is stimulated and you become healthy and whole again. You have the ability to bring your body back to optimal health. When your energy is flowing smoothly and you let go of the emotions that are holding you back you can release all of the low vibrational frequencies that are keeping you from being your true self.


Energy Healing has many benefits: deep relaxation, release of stress and tension, aids in better sleep, acceleration of the body's self-healing abilities, clarity, helps relieve pain, removes energy blocks bringing the body into balance and harmony, assists the body in flushing toxins, can reduce side effects of drugs, supports the immune system, raises your vibrational frequency, helps spiritual growth, helps with emotional clearing, and so much more.


About Denise M Knutson

I am an empathetic energy healer that has the ability to feel your physical pain and rid you from it. I have the ability to tap into your energetic body and with guidance from spirit and your angels I can help you to heal your body as a whole. I have connected my energetic body with the universe and I Am One With The Universe, I am whole again.


I have a new perspective on life and I have been truly enlightened by healing my own body of pain, spinal injury, degenerative disk disease, bulged and herniated disks in my spine, medications, sleep deprivation (idiopathic hyperinsomnia), TMJ, trigeminal neuralgia, neuropathy, acid reflex (from a hiatal hernia of the stomach being lodged into my esophagus), a numb face and eye, and well my list goes on and on. 


I had been in a very bad roll over car accident years ago and I am lucky to be alive. I had so many medical issues and I was on dozens of medications for years. Then one day, I had a spiritual awakening. I was meditating for the first time ever when my body started to physically repair itself. I had gone somewhere within myself that I had never experienced before. My body was moving and shifting itself into proper allignment.

At that point, I became really intrigued at the fact that I was healing myself. I began to meditate on a daily basis after that. I started to amaze all of my medical Dr.'s, friends, and family. My Dr.'s started asking me "What are you doing differently to be pain free now and to be able to come off of all your medications". They were even more amazed when I would say "Meditation and Self Healing".

I quickly got to where I was fully healed, pain free, and asking all of my medical Dr.'s to help me come off of all of my prescriptions that I was on. I was so happy at this point because there was finally light at the end of the tunnel. I had spent so many years going in circles from Dr. to Dr., dealing with chronic pain, spinal issues, numbness, burning, tingling, shaking, twitching, headaches, scleritis, insomnia, horrible cramps at night that would start in my toes and spread up my feet and go up my legs, pain and discomfort from head to toe, and I just keep thinking and wondering if I was ever going to get better and get rid of the chronic pain that I was in. Now, I am completely off of all of my ten plus years of medications and I now work on healing others.

In my healing process, I learned that we all have a universal life force, our spirit, and that it is important to keep our energy balanced. This allows us to have clarity and alignment with the universe and our Divine and is key to transformation and healing. When you balance your energy, you honor your mind, body, and spirit. This is so important to keep your internal energetic being functioning properly. If your energy is blocked within your human body then the inevitable happens. Leading to disease, sickness, illness, and pain. You name it, I have been there.

I had spent thousands of dollars and many years trying to fix myself, going from Dr. to Dr. My result was always more physical therapy, more chiropractic care, more acupuncture, and more Doctors. I love my doctors and specialist so much for all that they did for me over the years, helping me to mask the horrific symptoms and pain that went along with every illness and injury. I wouldn't change the experiences that I had for anything though. It is because of all that I went through and all that I experienced that gave me the great understanding that I have now. That we are able to heal "All of It"!

Through meditation and self healing, I was shown that my life purpose in this lifetime is to be an Energy Healer. My life purpose is to heal all. Which means to me, the entire body, everyone, and everything. We as humans were created with a spirit, soul, and body. The human body: Which is the visible external aspect of a person which allows us to experience the world. The spirit: Which is the immaterial part of humanity that connects us with our ability to have a relationship with the Divine (God) and the Angels. And The soul: Which is the essence of humanities being. Our personality center of our being, where our mind, will, and emotions operate forming our character traits.

As an Energy Healer, I work directly with your spirit, the angels, and the Divine on healing every aspect of the human body. We are all one, our souls expanding outward and connecting with everything and everyone, we are all one in unity together and I know that my life purpose in this lifetime is to assist people on their healing journey, as "I AM ONE WITH THE UNIVERSE" connected to the divine, our angels, the universe, and all.

Services Provided by

Denise M Knutson

Denise offers private one-on-one sessions. In-person or over-the-phone. She performs healing sessions that are unique to each individual person, tapping into the energetic body and releasing any and all low vibrational frequencies that are stored in the body replacing the frequency with love and light and raising the energetic frequency to where it needs to be. Private healing sessions are done to help each individual heal their human/energetic bodies as a whole. Every person is unique to what their life experiences have brought into their energetic body. Any negative energy blocks can and will be removed with high vibrational frequencies that will allow the body to heal.

An In-person session will entail the client relaying all of their concerns and then being treated. The treatment is explained by most as a calm and relaxing experience of high internal peace. Most everyone has a very calm relaxed demeanor afterwards with a feeling of clarity and having relief of most all aches and pain. The experience is one of enlightenment where in the process you have an awakening of your true self as the healing energy of the Divine and your angels passes through your spiritual body, it can allow you to have a new perspective on life.

An over-the-phone session will be held similarly to an In-person session. Where the client relays any and all concerns to Denise. The wonderful thing about energy healing is that it can be done even if the practitioner is not in the same room as you because the power of intention causes the energy to flow wherever it is needed most. The healer links into your vibrational energy center and connects with higher spiritual guidance and then can see, know, and operate within your energetic field. Opening blocks and transmitting healing energy from the Divine and your angels directly to you. The healer works as a channel with spirit by tuning into the energetic body and working with guides for the highest good of the client. Making your distant healing session just as effective as an In-person session.



All Healing Sessions 

Cost: $150/90 minutes, USD

Your session includes a 30 minute consult,

and a one hour healing session.

If you would like to schedule a session,

please call or text Denise directly at (480)326-6540.

If she is in a session or unable to take your call at the time, 

she will call you back at her earliest convenience.

Please fill free to leave your name and call back number

via text message, phone message, or email to:

Payments can be made at the time of your scheduled session

Over-the-phone and In-person.

Accepted payment methods:

Zelle, Venmo, all major Credit Cards, Cash, or Checks.

To make a donation, click on the "Donate" button below.


Client Information

Please click on the button to read the Terms of Service and fill out the Client Information Form before your appointment.

Swedish Massage


Bill Foss.jpg

Bill Foss

Akashic Records, Author, Spiritual Teacher, and Healer.


Denise is a very uniquely gifted healer. When I first met her, I realized there was something different about her abilities right away. As we started to work together, I watched Divine healing energy come through her on a profound level. Denise has a caring, compassionate, and inspiring approach to her healing processes that will make you feel comfortable, safe, and protected as she works to bring the lives  of those she touches back to the sacred circle of wellness.

Sherry Reuss.jpg

Sherry Reuss

Inspirational Readings with a Shamanic Touch, Cosmic Tarot, Animal Runes, and Energy Clearing.

Denise is an Extremely Talented Spiritual Healer. She did an excellent job of her hands on healing touch and helped me to heal my back and relieve the pain that I was in. Her work truly comes from Spirit and I would highly recommend her to everyone.



Gong Sound Experience and Energy Healing Events


Come join Denise Knutson and George Monoson for a special and unique event where they will be playing a variety of sound instruments.


If you have ever wondered about energy healing and how our body has the ability to heal itself or if you are dealing with anything physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually and you want to find a way to go within yourself and heal. Then, I invite you to come and experience one of our Gong Sound Experience and Energy Healing Events. Where you have the ability to lay down, relax, and go into a deep meditative state and allow your body to release and let go of emotional blocks and energy blocks bringing you back to a state of oneness with yourself. This sound meditation is truly an amazing experience for the body, mind, and soul. While you are laying down and relaxing, the sounds and frequencies of the instruments will be vibrating through your body, allowing you to let go of energy blockages. This unique experience is something that will resonate within you long after the event is over.

What to bring:

For these events you can bring a yoga mat or blanket to lay on. Please bring an extra blanket to cover up with, a pillow for your comfort, and a water.

If you have any difficulty signing up for these events online or if you would like any additional information regarding the events or to schedule a private event please contact Denise directly at: (480)326-6540.

To see a full list of our upcoming events and our joint events, click on the Events tab.



Rest & Rejuvenate Summer Wellness Retreat
June 8, 2024 - June 15, 2024


Come join us for an amazing Wellness Retreat in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at the Sheraton Buganvilias Resort Vacation Club. Retreat facilitators will be: Fitness & Wellness Instructor: Penny Bailey and Energy Healer: Denise Knutson.


For more information about the Wellness Retreat click on the Retreats Link below. You may also call or text Denise Knutson at: (480)326-6540 for any questions you have or email to:


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Contact Us

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Please take a moment to send any inquiries or questions you may have.  I look forward to answering your questions.

If you'd like to book an appointment call 480-326-6540 (appointments can be in person or over the phone).


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